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Allegro Audio is a relatively new player in the Hungarian and European audio scene. Its founder and owner has been pursuing his mission of delivering concert-quality sounds to people’s homes since the 1990’s.

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Viard Audio - hanszóró kábelek;
The Viard Audio Design is a young French company located near Versailles. The manufactory is specialzed for design and manufacture of HighEnd cables, in own catalog offers RCA cables, XLR cables, coaxial digital audio cables, digital AES / EBU cables, speaker and power cables.
YBA Genesis IA3 Integrált erősítő
In this integrated amplifier designers managed to combine affordability, high-precision manufacturing and excellent sound quality. Advantages are its multiple features including Bluetooth connectivity and a USB port (24/192 kHz-es) as well as a built-in D/A converter.

Chario Sonnet - álványos hangsugárzó
Two-way bookshelf systems usually place the tweeter in the uppermost region of the speaker’s cabinet. If the designer is also aiming for synchronization of the two transducers, the plinth must be given a suitable back tilt. Sonnet inverts this principle by affixing the tweeter below. Hence, the cabinet should be tilted forwards.

Our mission is to deliver you the experience of high-fidelity music listening. Our passion is finding the perfect voice and sound rendering


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